Spurs Trade for Kurt Thomas, Increase AARP Rating


No, sir, I don’t like it.

Yahoo’s Johnny Ludden, until recently a longtime beat reporter at the S.A. Express-News, reports that the Spurs have agreed to send Francisco Elson and Brent Barry (both expiring contracts) and a 2009 first-rounder to the Sonics for Kurt Thomas.

The implications are obvious: The Spurs feel like they need better interior defense and rebounding because of all the new bigs in the West. Elson has not lived up to expectations on the glass or in the pivot. In exchange, though, they’re giving up one of the few guys who could come off the bench and unexpectedly start bombing from 3.

It’s a big risk, even with Udoka and Stoudemire on the team this year. Barry bailed us out in more than one critical playoff game with some Kerrian heroics. Losing his spark worries me. He was also, by all accounts, the best interview on the team. And with Elson gone, we have no one besides Manu even physically capable of throwing down. So now we’re somehow even less fun. But, hey, Ludden says it’ll get us under the luxury tax, so that’s … just great.

Reid gets the award for best conspiracy theory: The trade was pre-emptive, to keep the Mavs from picking up Thomas — in exchange for, I guess, Devean George’s ashamed agent and half their bench scrubs.


6 Responses to “Spurs Trade for Kurt Thomas, Increase AARP Rating”

  1. Grady Says:

    Kurt Thomas? I would’ve rather seen the Spurs re-commission the Admiral. Who wouldn’t want to see the D-Rob vs. Shaq rematch? It’d be like Hulk Hogan vs. Rick Flair in Wrestlemania 8247.

  2. Matt Wright Says:

    Ha, Reid made the same joke, and then I responded that they were probably the same age. Turns out Robinson is 7 years older — 35 vs. 42. At least Robinson wouldn’t have cost us a first.

  3. Lan D. Ho Says:

    I actually think trading for Kurt Thomas is a good move for the Spurs as he is a veteran player who is savvy, still productive, and can play both frontcourt positions. Elson is garbage and Barry is redundant. Giving up the 2009 pick is kind of iffy, but the Spurs look to be good again next year, so it will probably not be too high of a pick. And when the Spurs have to rebuild–i.e., when Duncan enters the twilight of his career proper or when he retires–they’ll have to do so seriously. This is not a team that has any real future, and by trading for Kurt Thomas, they are tipping their hand that they know this too.

    Also–would be willing to contribute now and then. Let me know if you want me on board.

  4. Matt Wright Says:

    I guess I don’t feel like Barry is only redundant because he’s a better shooter than Stoudemire and more versatile than Fin. So we started with a decent back-up guard and an admittedly crappy center in Elson. Now we’ve got a decent back-up forward and a possibly crappy guard in Stoudemire. Duncan’s held up just fine defensively in the past, and I’d rather hold on to the draft pick to complement some of the good young players we have in the pipe (Splitter & Mahinmi).

  5. reid Says:

    I love this move. Mainly because the scouting report on Kurt Thomas for the past three years has consisted of a single line: “He can guard Tim Duncan!” Maybe the team with Duncan always wins in practice and Pop’s trying to make things a little more competitive…?

  6. notcontent Says:

    i really thought elson played decently last year, but i don’t ever remember him on the court this year, so i can’t say whether he has diminished. clearly, pop must have thought so. it hurts to see the spurs get even older. even udoka is apparently 30 or something. a SA-fan co-worker of mine has been whining all week about how we’re on the outside looking in, and i did my best to deflect it, but i’m starting to worry. i won’t call it until i see tony play again, though. our D has been improving as of late, we just need to keep pace with these amped up offenses. LA looks scary on offense.

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