A Conspiracy So Immense


I wasn’t the only one who thought the Kurt Thomas trade was a little curious.

Mavs beat writer David Moore, in today’s chat:

Thomas would have been ideal for the Mavericks. But you also have to look at who pulled the trigger on that trade. Seattle general manager Sam Presti got his start and developed in the San Antonio franchise. If he had traded Thomas to the Mavericks instead of the Spurs, what do you think Gregg Popovich would have done? His head would have exploded.

The equivalent deal for the Mavs would have been something like Eddie Jones, Juwan Howard and a first to bring home the former TCU standout. Not sure that’s head-exploding stuff, but for two teams who scout as well as the Spurs and Mavs, a late first round pick can turn out to be pretty damn good.


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