Chris Paul 104, Mavs 93


Impressive: 9 steals. Most impressive: how effortless it seemed. He’d get a step on his defender and then make one quick lateral move at about the free throw line and pull up from there. Damp usually looked ready with the help D, but Paul almost never took it all the way to the rack.

I expected CP to torch the Mavs, but I didn’t see old friends Peja and Bobby J coming. Their corpses somehow combined for 35 points on eight 3s. It felt like I was watching Weekend at Bernie’s 3.

I thought Kidd played decent one-on-one D, despite Paul’s numbers. I chalk this loss up to team D. Kidd wasn’t always sure where he was supposed to be, and some of the rotations on the perimeter were just awful, especially when the Hornets made the run that put it away. Jackson was so wide open on his nine 3 attempts that he didn’t get injured shooting any of them.

All in all, I thought it was a promising debut. The team clearly looked more keen on pushing the ball and, where Harris used to look for a seam on the break, Kidd was constantly looking up-court to sling one of those over-the-shoulder, from-the-hip heaves. It looked like all the giddiness about his passing got into his head a little bit, and he passed on a few easy shots in order to kick the ball back out to the perimeter.

But the excitement was definitely there, and with tune-ups against Memphis, Minnesota and Chicago this week, Kidd should feel more comfortable by next Thursday, when he gets to play against some guys his own age. That will be the real test, and the whole NBA will be watching to see how Kidd and Dirk match up with San Antonio’s own vaunted PG-PF tandem: Damon Stoudamire and Kurt Thomas.


One Response to “Chris Paul 104, Mavs 93”

  1. notcontent Says:

    Chris Paul is wayyyy better than i realized. it took the all-star game this year for me to finally get on board.

    did yall watch the phoenix-la game last night? i’m thinking i was wrong about the shaq trade. they lose out on some easy marion transition buckets, but in turn they get easy shaq putbacks and dunks, he gets them into the bonus early, and frees stoudemire up to do pretty much whatever the hell he wants.

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