Barrying the Hatchet


The Sonics cut Brent Barry today, opening the door for him to return to the Spurs in 30 days, so long as he keeps it secret. If he comes back, it turns Kurt Thomas trade from a so-so deal into a great one. (Any time a team this old gives away a first, it better be worth it.) But of course, Barry’s also free to sign with another team, without a waiting period, and if he does, it’ll be hard to blame him.

Buck Harvey lays it out perfectly in the Express-News: every year he gets jerked around by trade rumors, no one seems to appreciate the shooting and versatility he brings, and he could probably get more minutes elsewhere.

Then again, Barry’s calf injury means he won’t be ready to play for any team for almost 30 days, his family is settled in S.A., and he seems to like his teammates. So the Spurs could catch a break. Or maybe not: word is that the Suns, Celtics, Warriors, and Rockets are all interested. Barry joining his former teammate in Phoenix and killing the Spurs in the playoffs? It might break the heart of Ryan “KEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!” Hengst.

(And, yes, I realize the pun in that title is terrible.)

UPDATE: Sweet, Ryan now owns the award for best comment of the blog so far.


3 Responses to “Barrying the Hatchet”

  1. notcontent Says:

    this is Ryan “KEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!” Hengst here, and I’m here to tell you that, based on my own current drunk state of affairs, I’m happy to hear this, and know i that barry won’t find the seinfeld friendly locker room he needs in any other place. except maybe the suns. but that’s not happening. NOT HAPPENING!!!

  2. Long Says:

    Jesus! How old is Hengt’s photo!?

  3. KEEERRRR!!! « Blogjammin’ - An NBA Blog Says:

    […] Apparently today is decision day for Brent Barry, and he’s still open to the possibility of killing what innocence Hengst has left: Brent Barry has reduced his list down to two teams, the Arizona Republic is […]

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