Apparently today is decision day for Brent Barry, and he’s still open to the possibility of killing what innocence Hengst has left:

Brent Barry has reduced his list down to two teams, the Arizona Republic is reporting. Barry, who was waived by the Sonics after being acquired in a trade from San Antonio, will finish the season either back in San Antonio, or in Phoenix.

“I’ve spoken with Brent,” Suns GM Steve Kerr said. “I met with him and his wife, and we’re awaiting his decision. He’s very seriously considering it.”

That’s from RealGM quoting the Arizona Republic. The Republic also gives some some contract details: “Each team is offering a veteran’s minimum contract that includes the 2008-09 season, but the Spurs are believed to be sweetening the pot with a third year, on top of the emotional pull of teammates he has played with since 2004.”

Back in SA-Town, the E-N reports that Barry is feeling a little half-baked: “I’m really hoping that (Wednesday) is decision day, because I just told Erin I’ve never used drugs, but if this goes on much longer, I might be tempted to start.”

Wait, I always assumed that’s why he liked playing in Seattle so much…


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