Where Online Arguments Happen


Reid and I are always carping at each other online, so I thought it would see if it translates to the blog. Consider this an experiment, with most of it below the fold. I have no idea how it will hold up for entertainment value, but neither of us has had time to write anything thought-out recently. Plus, this has lots of bleeped out profanity.

Wright: Damn. Dirk caught a suspension for the AK take-down.
Reid: What??? Jesus Christ.
Wright: One game.
Reid: Man, f*ck the NBA.
Wright: Eeee, against the Rockets, too.
Reid: F*ck David Stern. And f*ck Stu Jackson.
Wright: Ha ha ha. Let ‘er rip.
Reid: Godd*mn it. I hate the inconsistency of this bullsh*t.
Wright: Well, the “consistency” is that it’s all about image. If AK gets up and walks it off, no problem. But because he landed awkwardly and banged his hip, and that gets shown on the highlights over and over, they take action. Not unlike the Stack foul on Shaq in the Miami series.
Reid: That one still pisses me off. And this is the second one this year. Josh Howard got those two games for standing up to Brad Miller after Miller shoved Harris to the ground.
Wright: Ha, I forgot about that.
Reid: Godd*m. That was f*cking b*llshit too. God knows what Bowen did the other night, but I’m sure it’ll slide.
Wright: Sh*t, man, like I said: crafty. Terry should’ve banged his hip or something.
Reid: Still can’t believe Brad Miller didn’t get suspended for his blatant take down of Harris. It wasn’t even a basketball play. And he gets nothing.
Wright: Brad Miller’s been doing that sh*t for years, too.
Reid: Just a blatant cheap shot.
Reid: Yes!
Wright: Remember when Shaq nearly killed him?
Reid: From a f*cking cheap shot artist. And Nowitzki, who everyone knows doesn’t play dirty, gets hit with this sh*t.
Wright: Yeah. It was a bad foul on his part. But the Flagrant 1 did the trick. Bad in terms of careless.
Reid: Yeah, it was a bad foul. It looked nasty, that’s for sure. In terms of intent, I don’t think it was that bad. Dirk was grabbing for an arm or something and ended up getting his shoulder.
Wright: Yep, and I just don’t think AK expected it. So he got caught going up for a dunk, not bracing for contact.
Reid: Yeah, exactly. And I wouldn’t even mind the suspension so much if it felt like this sh*t was administered uniformly.
Wright: Yep.
Reid: http://youtube.com/watch?v=Hq0hR49nwCE
Wright: Ha ha, Harris sold it a little. And Howard probably deserved a one-game. For traveling so far to deliver a blow. But Miller should’ve gotten one too.
Reid: Yeah, Howard deserved one here. Point is: Miller deserved one too. A take-down away from the ball?
Wright: Yeah, but he was frustrated with the refs. Totally justified.
Reid: Did Bowen get one for that kick to Szcerbiak’s face? He didn’t, right? Cause that sh*t doesn’t look too great either.
Wright: Ha ha ha, I love that clip. It doesn’t look great, but it doesn’t look like a dirty play. It’s not a take down. For whatever reason that sets the league off.
Reid: Yeah, I guess. I think it’s bullsh*t. Dirk’s wasn’t intentionally dirty. Horford’s on T.J. wasn’t either.
Wright: Well, in that one, Wally unintentionally initiates the facial contact.
Reid: That can be said about lots of plays.
Wright: Yeah, but I think Horford got ejected. The league is saying with Dirk that if he’d been ejected, that would’ve counted as the suspension. Small consolation, I know.
Reid: I just don’t get it. With Bowen, you’re talking about a guy who’s been involved time and again with playing “over-aggressively.” To put it nicely. Same with Miller. And yet these guys emerge with the benefit of the doubt in these situations.
Wright: Man, I dunno, I wasn’t really joking when I said crafty. They do nasty sh*t in ways that doesn’t look as bad on tape.
Reid: Yeah, but come on. He steps under people’s jumpshots.
Wright: F*ck, man, I’m not arguing it’s fair. Just what the league responds to.
Reid: That’s pretty well documented at this point.
Wright: You won’t ever hear me actually defending that bullshit, the step-under.
Reid: If somebody did that to me twice in a rec game I’d probably punch them in the face.


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  1. Long Le Says:

    Post that email exchange from the 2006 Western Conference Finals

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