An Open Letter to Bruce Bowen


To: BruBo

From: A life-long Spurs fan

Re: That Chris Paul cheap shot

You know what? I’ve had it with this trash. My brother and I go to Vegas for a few days, miss the game, and come back to find that not only did you get embarrassed by 25 (and cost Grady 20 bucks), but you pulled out more lame-ass, indefensible bullshit. We Spurs fans defended you for years and loved it when you set off whiny stars like Vince Carter. But we don’t even want to try justify this crap, which keeps happening more frequently. Just stop. We’d rather lose than watch this desperate attempt to make up for those steps you’ve lost.

You deserved to get suspended. It should’ve been longer. Hell, at this point, I wish we hadn’t signed you to that extension. Now I just hope we draft Brandon Rush so he can take all your minutes next year.



2 Responses to “An Open Letter to Bruce Bowen”

  1. notcontent Says:

    i’m inclined to agree. its getting hard to justify, and what a terrible loss. but what i always come back to is that he seems like such a nice guy in real life. so what is he doing kicking folks?

    also, doesn’t it look like paul punches him in the nads first?

  2. notcontent Says:

    hey, where’s reid been? i’m dying to hear his opinion on cuban’s slow-curdling meltdown via chewing out avery and banning bloggers from the locker room. i mean, i’m not trying to throw stones at glass houses here, but what is going on with the mavs?

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