Texas Plight


Memphis just crushed Texas, but it wasn’t really an embarrassment for the Horns. Memphis took us out of our game from the tip, and Derrick Rose can flat out ball. All that said, what really killed Texas’ comeback mojo was a damn banked-in three-pointer. Ah, well.

That game alone has to put Rose in the conversation for the number one pick this June. I didn’t think anyone could challenge Beasley, but then I’d never seen Rose in action. He’s huge for a PG, remarkably under control, and simply an incredible athlete. For an NBA team, imagine a Deron Williams-Monta Ellis mashup. I’m not sure there’s anyone like him in the League right now.

As for Texas, it was the first time we looked out-manned all season. Memphis threw out an legitimately NBA-size line-up, and it got to our guard play. D.J. Augustine had another stinker in a tournament loss, but unlike last year it wasn’t a total mental meltdown. Today it just looked like Memphis was in his head when he tried to finish at the rim, and he missed a lot of shots he normally makes. Abrams inability to get anything going also really hurt Augustine, who I think is destined to be a really great setup man in the NBA. He’s probably just a little too small to also be a prime-time scorer in the Chris Paul mold. If he ends up being the fourth PG (that mock has him going to the Raptors!) taken in the draft, some team’s going to get a steal.


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