The Curry-Up Offense


Quick observation from the Davidson game: Doesn’t it look like they’re using the same formula as the Rockets minus Yao? So far it’s been really solid team defense — they’ve somehow deployed multiple white guys to slow down Kansas’ athletes in the first half — paired with a freakish scorer who can efficiently chew up a ton of offensive possessions. Not surprising then that both rely on consistent high-level point guard play. Rafer’s lucky run of competence fueled the Rockets’ streak; Davidson’s PG, Jason Richards, leads the NCAA in assists at 8.1/game.

Kansas might want to think about doing their best single coverage on Curry and trying to dominate the defensive glass. That’s a pretty effective way to smoke the Rockets. Then again, watching Curry, he might actually be a better pure scorer than McGrady. Holy crap, can this kid shoot.


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