Guest Post: Hengst Rant #1


“Now I Remember Why I Hate Shaq”
By “Teenage” Hengst

When the 07-08 season began, I was feeling an unprecedented feeling of goodwill and empathy for Shaq. He was stuck on a bumbling Heat squad with a hobbled Dwyane Wade and was going through a divorce. It probably was not a fun time to be Shaq, and I couldn’t help but feel a little sorry for him. His recent behavior, though, has helped to jog my memory of why he sucks.

First off, that snubbing of Tim Duncan’s outstretched hand in that Spurs-Suns game a few weeks ago was just ridiculous. Everyone knows he did it on purpose and what’s more, I’m fairly confident that he’s jealous of Duncan. Its just petty. But what really galls me is this trash he’s throwing at his former teammates in Miami. How small is Shaq that he’s kicking Chris Quinn when he’s down? I mean, we can debate Pat Riley’s culpability in all of this, and I agree with Shaq that Riley’s definitely bailed on this team at least as much as Shaq has. But show some gratitude, Shaq. You were dealt to a great situation and now you’re throwing barbs at Ricky Davis?

Why does the entire NBA media just give him a pass on this crap when he consistently shows himself to be this petty?


2 Responses to “Guest Post: Hengst Rant #1”

  1. my blogging aspirations « Not Content Says:

    […] -basketball is taking over my spring as usual. between march madness, nba western conference madness, and my nba fantasy playoffs (despite my consolation bracket showing), i’m pretty much a slave to bball. in fact, i’ve probably made more comments and posts to matty and reid’s basketblog than on my own here. i’ve decided to give in and make some basketball posts when i feel like it, but i’m not feeling anything particularly right now, except my shaq rant, which you can find here. […]

  2. Arnold97 Says:

    We had the basic layout of the car figured out. ,

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