Go West, Young Stat Nerd


Maybe it’s just me, but John Hollinger’s stat-head columns on ESPN suddenly got much more informative the last couple months. Today he’s got a really nice round-up of how the playoff situation for each team in the West shapes up. Read it quick, before it gets stuck behind the subscription wall.

In the article Hollinger does a good job of pointing out the role of luck in several noteworthy situations — something most commentators never touch on — and also lays out each team’s upcoming schedule, strengths, tiebreakers, etc. Then he tops it off nicely with some stat perspective on how they’re playing down the stretch, including some telling numbers on those huge deadlines trades.

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but the key to a good Hollinger column seems (to me) to be getting away from PER. The way Hollinger analyzes teams is much more convincing than how he relies on a single metric to evaluate players.


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