Long Scoops MSM


Back to back posts generated by our resident Rock Chalk Video ‘Hawk. Long went back into the Gmail chat history to prove he was on the “Bill Self to the Spurs When Pop Retires” case way before Buck Harvey’s column in the Express-News said the same thing.

From November 25, 2007:

Long, looking at the stats for RC’s son: He average 9.2 pts and 2.7 assists and missed his senior season and was an invited walk-on (at Kansas). Good thing RC and Bill Self are buddies.

Long: I bet you if RC is still the GM when Pop retires and Self hasn’t been fired, Self will be a candidate for Spurs head coach.

me: … think so? Man, I have no idea what to expect when Pop retires. Luckily it’s four or five years away.

Long: Both were Larry brown assistants at KU.

me: Ah, you’re probably right then.

Long: Self SHOULD have at least one or two Final Fours at that point. (Prescient! — ed.)

Me: With this talent…

Then for good measure we bagged on Reid while Long watched Arizona play.

Long: Man, Zona looks bad.

Long: Reid = that Budinger guy

Me: Ha Ha. Reid 2.0

Long: 3.11

Me: That guy can jump way higher than Reid.

Then I wrapped up that session of expert commentary by calling the Celtics “overrated.” Whoops.


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