We (Can Hardly) Believe (It)


As mentioned previously here, I’ll be hanging on every Warriors game from here out. Thanks to Denver’s slide, Golden State once again controls its own destiny. Win out, including Thursday’s game against the Nuggets, and we’re in the playoffs. C’mon, c’mon, c’mon.

Warriors-Kings just started on TV right now, and in the first quarter the Warriors finally look like themselves again. They’re off and running, creating turnovers, hitting 3’s, and only a few tough rolls and wacky Sacto shots are keeping the Kings in it.

Thank God the last two weeks are behind us, when Baron kept playing OlĂ©! defense, Jackson and Harrington couldn’t hit a thing, and a combination of tough schedule, bad luck, and poor play nearly doomed the season.

Let’s take a look at two weeks that nearly wrecked the collective nerves of the Bay Area.

March 22, 2 games up on Denver
An absolutely ridiculous double-clutch three-pointer by Bobby Jackson winds up being the margin of victory as the Rockets beat the Warriors by three.

(Jackson’s shot at 8:45)

Reaction: God, the Rockets aggravate my loathing for the city of Houston.

March 24, the infamous Fisher Flop game

Warriors are robbed of a chance to beat the Lakers back-to-back by a terrible, terrible offensive foul with 3 seconds in OT.

(Flop at 1:10)

Reaction: Derek Fisher makes me hate the game I love.

March 29, up 1 on the Nuggets
The Warriors go into Denver with a great chance to put the Nuggets on their heels. They lose. Najera hits big 4th-quarter 3’s.

Reaction: Najera? 3’s? Oh, the shame.

April 2, at Dallas, still tied with Denver, with all tiebreakers on the line
It’s the 4th game in 5 nights for the Warriors, but there’s still no excuse for playing transition defense like it was the last Hancock game before the sunset. Dirk is a precision-engineered German season-killing machine. (Seriously, didn’t the same ankle injury kept Boobie Gibson out, like, two months?)

Reaction from my season-ticket compadre Sean: “I really wanted to cry during that Dallas game.”

April 4, now effectively down 2 games to the Nugs
John Hollinger writes a column that sums up the despair:

Denver has the league’s best free-throw “defense.” Its opponents have made only 72.8 percent from the line this season. While some might attribute this to the Nuggets’ speedy pace (and high altitude) tiring out opponents or being especially clever in choosing whom to foul, the bottom line is that this is almost certainly just plain old dumb luck.

And it’s a pretty friendly piece of luck at that. Relative to the league, it’s earned the Nuggets about 0.7 points per game, meaning it’s been worth nearly two wins. In a playoff race which may be decided by one game, that’s enormous. So basically, the reason Denver is probably headed to the playoffs instead of the lottery is the fact that its opponents can’t make a free throw. What a country.

Reaction: Face-down on desk, whimpering.

April 5, hope
Suddenly, when all was almost lost, this happens:

Kings win by only 3, Warrios within a game.

Reaction: Nice!

April 6, Kevin Durant Man-Crush Day

Reaction: Yes! Yes! Yes!

Now if the Kings would just stop hitting every damn jump shot, the Warriors could wrap up win 1 of 5. We Believe!


2 Responses to “We (Can Hardly) Believe (It)”

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    […] the schedule has been a bit kinder this week, and the defensive energy should be up. Their late-March swoon coincided with a brutal schedule that had them play four — four! — back-to-backs in […]

  2. Seemay Says:

    In defense of houston, go to hell.

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