“We Don’t Even Work on Zone”


Trying to be concise as possible to avoid wallowing in the disappointment of last night’s Warriors loss. As the game wound down, for some reason all I could think of was “Dubs lose! Dubs lose…” as delivered by the ‘Topes announcer in the Dancin’ Homer episode of the Simpsons. No idea why.

Anyways, the box score says it all: the Warriors lost turnovers 18-15, and they shot significantly worse than Denver from every spot on the court — bricking their way to .420 FG%, .222 3-PT%, and .625 FT%. You just can’t win when you do that.

The whole game turned when Denver’s zone defense completely (and inexplicably) baffled the Warriors, Nellie included. Johnny Ludden’s column today delivered the most-damning quote: “We don’t even work on zone defense,” Carmelo Anthony said after the game.

It’s tempting to call the meltdown borderline inexcusable until you read Ludden’s column on the Warriors sometimes-frustrating devotion to their style and put things in perspective. The Warriors are who they are, no apologies. Even with the flaws, they will likely end up with 49 wins and go down as the greatest team in history to miss the playoffs. As endlessly noted, they’d be a 4th seed in the East.

No consolation — it only amplifies the feeling that the fans out here, whose craziness I’ve found so addicting, don’t deserve this.


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