Still Believin’


The Nuggets went into Utah and got their asses handed to them, which was pretty much expected. J.R. Smith and Najera combined for zero threes and only 14 points a game after lighting up the Warriors, which sounds about right. Denver reminds me of a cocky pick-up team that would take one look at me and my friends and decide they would spend the game practicing their alley-oops. In other words, I’m sure they’re shrugging off the loss and just know they’ll get the next one.

Anyways, their loss is step 1 of 5 in the Warriors’ last-ditch hopes to make the playoffs. Golden State needs to keep TCBin’ against the Clippers tonight. Then tomorrow things gets interesting: Denver plays at home versus Houston. The Rockets will be better rested and are fighting for position, but the Nuggets basically have their season on the line. Might have to watch that one. And so help me if the Rockets throw up a dud in the only game all year that I’m rooting for them…

Then, if all that comes to pass, the Warriors get their turn with the season on the line at Phoenix on Monday night. Unless, of course, Denver loses to another lottery-bound team in its final game against Memphis. That would be a (hilarious) collapse for the ages, and it couldn’t happen to a bigger bunch of tools.

UPDATE: Just saw that the Hornets lost to the Kings, which puts the Lakers in the driver’s seat for the #1 seed. If the Warriors can just sneak into that final spot, oh man, a Lakers-Warriors series might actually top last year’s Mavs series. Warriors fans have a legitimate burning hatred of L.A. and everything it stands for. C’mon, basketball gods, help us out.


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