It Sucks to Be a Suns Fan


Compare and contrast to last season’s Amare/Diaw suspensions:

The Boston Celtics and Atlanta Hawks escaped discipline for a Game 4 skirmish in which Kevin Garnett pushed off a referee while players on both benches stepped onto the court.

NBA spokesman Tim Frank said Tuesday there would be no fines or suspensions. Four technical fouls resulted in a game Atlanta won 97-92 to tie the best-of-seven series at two games apiece.

The confrontation started when Garnett cleared out Zaza Pachulia with an elbow, and the Hawks forward went forehead-to-forehead with the Celtics star. A referee grabbed Garnett, but he, too, got a push as Garnett struggled to break free.

Celtics center Kendrick Perkins and Atlanta forward Marvin Williams acknowledged they stepped onto the court as they strained to see what was going on. Such actions are barred in the NBA, especially with commissioner David Stern looking on.

Reid: WTF? How does the NBA justify this shit? Do they just not care at all about consistency? This pisses me off and I don’t even care about the Suns.

Wright: No, I really don’t think they do. All Stern cares about is the league’s image at this very moment, and right now the image is trending positive, despite the physical play. A year ago, the brass was terrified of another brawl, and that’s what drove their decisions.

Adding injury to insult:

Shaq also will be 37 next season. What’s the chance over the next two seasons he slows down even more, along with Nash, and what’s the chance the Suns crash?

Here’s where Sarver (the Suns owner) begins to look more like Bill Bidwill (the Arizona Cardinals owner) than Cuban to those in Arizona: One of the draft picks he gave to Seattle (Kurt Thomas trade), Phoenix’s own in 2010, is unprotected.

In that colmn, Buck Harvey also points out that the Spurs are currently committed to only $53 million in contracts next year. The Suns will pay six players $68 million. Ouch.


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