Desert Madness


The media is already running so hard with news of D’Antoni’s imminent demise that I can’t tell if it’s sourced to anything except a huge swell of misplaced conventional wisdom. If D’Antoni and Kerr have philosophical differences they can’t resolve, and Toronto, Chicago, or Dallas really wants a fresh start with a fun-‘n’-gun coach, maybe they part ways by mutual agreement, and that makes sense.

But the implication that a total roster overhaul is also in the pipes… huh? Does this Suns’ loss really necessitate blowing up the team? Realistically, I can’t even see how it’s possible. Nash isn’t going anywhere. Shaq is untradeable. And does anyone believe they’re moving Amare? Any other move — like swapping Barbosa for a cheaper veteran — doesn’t really constitute an overhaul.

On top of that, this core had less than half a season to get this new offense running, and even with that the Spurs won in 5 more by fluke than dominance. I just don’t see the need to hit the panic button yet. The window is still open, even just barely. Develop a little youth and give it another shot next year, right?

Maybe the general feeling I’m getting from writing about the Suns is simply people realizing (a month or two late) that 7 Seconds or Less really is dead. It’s been gone, y’all.


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