Speaking of the Suns…


Simmons’ year-by-year account chronicling the decline of The Suns into plodding first-round losers is exactly the kind of column I would love to write if it were my job to write a few thousand words on sports every three or four days. Great stuff.

One thing to add: It would take a separate column to address, but the personalities of Suns’ players and officials played a huge role in how this decline.

Simmons equates the Spurs’ success in part to roster consistency. Since 2003, they’ve built around Duncan, Ginobili, Parker, which the Suns could have done with Nash, Stoudemire, Marion, and Joe Johnson. Too bad only Nash has the same win-first mentality that defines the Spurs. Tony could’ve bolted like Johnson after the Spurs pursued Kidd, Manu could’ve taken more money, and Tim could’ve demanded to score 25 a game, but those weren’t their priorities. That mindset never united the Suns, making the long-haul approach in PHX much, much more difficult than it looks on paper.

Even this week, after four years and no Finals appearances, here’s Amare throwing D’Antoni under the bus after Game 5:

Amare Stoudemire offered no words of support for D’Antoni — “That’s not my focus at all,” Stoudemire said — and was much more willing to expound on the need for the Suns to find a plan and stick with it, most importantly establishing who is going to be The Man on this team. Not surprisingly, he nominated himself.

Not the stuff of champions. And we won’t even get into the Sarver-Colangelo and D’Antoni-Kerr feuds…


2 Responses to “Speaking of the Suns…”

  1. notcontent Says:

    god amare sucks. he just does. simmons forgot to mention what an egotistical, unintelligent player he is.

  2. Matt Wright Says:

    simmons said something about a greek tragedy in the column, and amare really is tragically flawed just because of his mindset. he’s this generation’s sheed.

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