The Daily Overreaction


Hawks coach Mike Woodson on Kevin Durant’s no-brainer as rookie of the year:

“It’s a travesty and it’s not right. He should have shared it, if not gotten it outright. … It’s what this kid has done for this team. … We haven’t had a power forward/center come in our league and do what he’s done [average a double-double] in I don’t know how many years,” Woodson said. “I mean, come on, man.”

Um, Mike, how many years ago would be 3. Emeka Okafor averaged 15 and 11 when he won ROY in 2004-05.

Hey, Horford’s great and had a great year, but I still don’t understand the ROY campaign for a role player (for now) playing alongside two All-Stars (Johnson, Bibby) and one future All-Star (Smith).

Anyways, he has been a blast to watch, and the way this Celtics team has (A) buckled under pressure, (B) gotten 95% of all 50/50 calls the last couple games, (C) still had the gall to whine and complain when exactly one call went against them, and (D) acted like they’re tough shit while trying (unsuccessfully) to bully a team with 30 wins less than them — well, screw those guys, even KG. I hope the Cavs or Magic make the finals.

BONUS: I can’t talk overreaction without linking to this guy’s video comparing the Pacman Jones trade to McCarthyism.


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