Not to Forget About the Warriors


In case anyone’s as interested as I am about the Warriors next season, here are two interesting links:

1. What if the Warriors hadn’t traded Jason Richardson?

Tim Kawakami looks at the payroll if Bay Area favorite J-Rich were still around:

Add in a moderate new Ellis deal and the draft pick, and the Warriors’ commitment goes somewhere near $76M for 11 players. Renounce all you want, but the Warriors would still over the luxury tax–and bleeding talent thanks to the renouncing.

Big conclusion: If the Warriors still had Richardson, they would be looking at a mini-New York Knicks-level problem.

As it is now, they’re under the cap with room to sign Monta and Biedrins, and they have a huge, $10 million trade exception to use on draft day.

2. What can the Warriors learn from the Hornets?

A guy named Adam Lauridsen writes a fan blog that is thorough in addressing why the Hornets PG-dominated offense works better than the Warriors PG-dominated offense.  Really, one of the more level-headed and smart things I’ve read from an NBA blogger in a while.


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