NBA Draft Master-Debating, Part 1


I’m back. Been around the world…

Just kidding. I’m only back to make Wright look bad, by having him articulate for posterity why he’s favoring The New Glenn Robinson as this year’s No. 1 pick.

I’ll get this started by pointing out the obvious:

The Chicago Bulls need Michael Beasley like I need an eating disorder.

This is a team in disarray, with a roster that’s already full of goofballs and questionable-motivation guys. Larry Hughes just wants to have fun. Drew Gooden thinks about his haircut during crunch time. Tyrus Thomas, after being the No. 4 overall, couldn’t focus long enough to get more than 18 mpg in his second season. Joakim Noah is one of the only Bulls who plays with some fire (Nocioni notwithstanding), and he got suspended one game last year for verbally abusing an assistant coach, only to have his teammates double down on it.

Vinny D.

And, just so you know, Hughes is the team’s “veteran” at age 29. What did the Bulls do to offset this lack of experience? Hired a coach who’s never been a coach.

Enter Michael Beasley?

Maybe Beasley’s gotten a bum rap for some high school hijinks. Maybe he’s not crazy. Maybe he works harder than people say. But, by all accounts, he is a goofy guy, one who hasn’t held his coaches, or their rules, in the highest esteem. That, to me, seems pretty well-established.

I don’t think Beasley would ever go Sprewell on Vinny D., but it’s not hard to picture him loafing around in practice, cracking jokes in team meetings, and wandering off during a timeout huddle. And who on the Bulls is there to rein him in?

Beasley In His Element


Vinny’s got his hands full already with this team, and rather than choose the quiet guy who leads by example and might be able to steady the ship, you want to throw Michael Beasley into the mix?



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One Response to “NBA Draft Master-Debating, Part 1”

  1. notcontent Says:

    finally. about time to get some point-counterpoint on here. i’m with you. beasley is good, but i think rose is better and i think the bulls would immediately be shaming phoenix and d’antoni’s new (phoenix) york with rose and that roster. and vinny letting it roll. god, i can’t believe we actually get to talk about vinny del negro again. life is good.

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