Sadly for Spurs fans, Tiago Splitter is one example of the dollar’s weakness keeping a prized player on the other side of the Atlantic. His projected NBA numbers are outstanding — 18.5 points and 10.3 boards, 54.4 percent shooting, 18.11 PER — and it’s unfortunate that such a wise draft choice has to be wasted because of a silly thing like currency fluctuations.

That 18.11 PER projection would put him higher than any prospect in this draft except for Beasley. Uuuugh.

UPDATE: Just noticed this other quote from that Hollinger article:

If I had to slot him into my board, I’d rate [Gallinari] sixth — combining my numbers with some subjective opinion, I have Michael Beasley and Kevin Love as the two best players, followed by Derrick Rose, Joe Alexander and Darrell Arthur. Gallinari, Jerryd Bayless, Marreese Speights, Brook Lopez and D.J. Augustin round out my top 10, with Mario Chalmers and Roy Hibbert the next two names on the board. Since there’s only about 12 guys in any draft who can play, those are the 12 I’m putting my money on.

No OJ Mayo? Not even as a solid role player? Yowzer, that’s some faith in your numbers.

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