Finally Some Mock Sanity


Chad Ford has just updated his mock draft to version 6.1, and it includes, for the first time, a pick I think the Spurs might actually make: Cal’s Ryan Anderson. A 6-10, sweet-shooting PF, Anderson fits nicely into the Spurs’ system. He’ll replace the ghost of Robert Horry, who I hear will be kept around as a special adviser on nut punches and dirty screens away from the play.

Many of the earliest editions of Ford’s mock draft, always taken with a grain of salt, had the Spurs taking a backup PG, which didn’t make any sense. Admittedly, for Spurs fans the only pick that makes sense is CDR. The Spurs need an athletic wingman like Reid needs to do some 10-lb. curls. Or maybe we’re blinded to CDR’s limitations because we’ve been pining for 10+ years for any rotation player, besides Manu, who can dunk with one hand.

Anyways, Jacque Vaughn is fine, and the Spurs have too many other glaring holes — now that the vets are shot and the Scola-Splitter picks backfired — that we can’t keep drafting for 3-4 years down the road.

In light of that, you can see how an Anderson pick differs from previous mock draft. To recap the progression of Spurs predictions:

Mock 1.0: Nicholas Batum, SF/PF, France, age 18 — I’m intrigued, but he won’t be ready for years.

Mock 2.0: Ante Tomic, C, Croatia — Another big project.

Mock 3.0: Mario Chalmers, PG, Kansas — See above.

Mock 4.0: Ty Lawson, PG, UNC — No way.

Mock 5.0: Chalmers

Mock 6.0: Tomic

Mock 6.1: Anderson

For Spurs fans, who pretend we’re OK with the defense winning championships, the best thing about Anderson is that he can flat-out score. He was only a few free throws from being a 50-40-90 guy last year, and his offensive rating in college last season was among the highest in the country, a shade above even Beasley (whose usage rate was higher) and a shade below Love (whose usage rate was lower). He won’t be an NBA star, but if he’s the Spurs pick, it’s going to be great having that firepower in reserve.

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