Looming Draft Question #1: What’s the deal with CDR?


Going into today’s draft, I’ve got some questions. For posterity, let’s record them, starting with Chris-Douglas Roberts projected selection in the Josh Howard/David Lee/Leandro Barbosa range at the end of the first.

From a fan’s perspective, we see one of the most creative, unvonventional, athletic scorers in all of college basketball, who came up huge on the big stage (minus a couple free throws).

But GM’s are hardly giving him a sniff, and Hollinger’s numbers, for what they’re worth, put him squarely in the could-go-either-way category. So what’s up? Does his athleticism not translate to an elite NBA level? Is there some flaw that scouts see and video confirms? Does he not have NBA range?

Stranger still, his stock never moved a tick even after he was player No. 1A on a team that probably should’ve won the title. Meanwhile, Rose’s similarly outstanding tournament catapulted him to the #1 pick; Brandon Rush’s solid showing bumped him to mid-first; and Mario Chalmer’s one big shot might have pushed him from the second round to the lottery. So why not Douglas-Roberts?


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