Looming Draft Question #3: How good can Kevin Love be?


For months I refused to believe that a fat Backstreet Boy could be legit in the NBA. Throw in that he plays for the constantly over-hyped UCLA, and I figured he was just the next great white hope.

But then I watched him play a little, saw that the chin beard was douchiest part of his personality, and heard he already dropped 15 pounds this off-season. Then I saw his numbers, and if I’m going to argue that Beasley’s astounding stats have to factor into his evaluation, the same holds true for Love.

And Love was off the charts. He was among the most efficient offensive players in the country, shooting over 60%, with 3-point range, and taking care of the basketball. A big part of that was his dominance on the offensive glass, and that’s the big question mark: will NBA bigs erase that advantage? Or does the former big boy still know how throw his weight around?


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