NBA Draft Master-Debating, Part 3-1


I have to admit: I don’t quite understand the logic floating around that the current NBA demands a top-shelf point guard to get anywhere near a title. For all the excitement that Nash and D’Antoni injected into the league, there’s no championship to be divvied up in their divorce papers.

Looking at the last 10 years — when the Lakers and Spurs dominated the championship ceremony — they did it largely without elite PGs. Parker’s evolved into a top tier player, but he was shaky at best for their first title and a half.

This year, the West’s Final Four featured three dominant point men — CP3, Deron and Parker — but it was Derek Fisher who ended up starting in the Finals. And he lined up opposite Rajon Rondo.

As Wright points out, there was a similarly misguided importance placed on centers a few years back. That made some sense, at least, with Shaq and Duncan dominating down low and actually winning titles. What did not make any sense, of course, was assuming that an Adonal Foyle or an Erick Dampier could have any impact on that dominance.

Oddly, the most ridiculous reach for a dominant big man came from the 6′ 6″ shooting guard whose teams shredded the league with the likes of Bill Cartwright, Bill Wennington and Luc Longley in the post.

Why MJ thought Kwame Brown deserved to go number one will forever remain a mystery.

But Paxson is not pulling an MJ by taking Rose at number one. This isn’t a pick based on height and wingspan. This is a freshman who just led his team within a hoop of the NCAA title.

If there’s a trend at work at here, I think it’s a trend toward taking a guy who’s a proven winner and who clearly has his head on straight.


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