The Return of Agent 0?


Christ, following the Warriors is just as nerve-wracking off the court as on it. Word is that the Warriors have called Baron Davis’ bluff by throwing a max offer at Gilbert Arenas.

Sean: what are your thoughts on arenas?
me: he’ll end up back in washington. he’s a good fit there, the town loves him, and he’s not worth the max to anyone else. i.e., he’d be a bad fit for the warriors because he distributes even less than baron
Sean: golden state already offered it
me: huh?

No story yet, just a mention of it on ESPN’s rumors page. I’m not even sure how to process this. At least my season tickets would be more entertaining than if the horrifying ‘Sheed-Billups rumor had come to pass.

UPDATE: Ah, here are a couple links: Janny Hu at SF Gate lays the groundwork for the possibility that it’s no coincidence that Elton Brand and Baron Davis both unexpectedly opted out. If I understand the cap situation correctly, Brand would have to take a pay cut to make room for Baron’s big deal, and recent quotes from Brand about emulating the Celtics Unbuntu success indicate he’d be willing. And both Baron and Brand are aspiring movie producers, for what that’s worth. Also, the WaPo is reporting that the Wizards will offer Arenas a max deal for six years (one more than G.S. can offer), but the Kings are willing to “trade their entire team” to land Arenas. Crazy shit.


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