That Josh Childress Video


Couple different sites have been passing around this video, which is supposed to show Josh Childress partying in Greece just hours after signing his contract with Olympiacos. But it doesn’t look right to me. Isn’t Childress like 6’8″? Maybe his listed height includes the fro. Or maybe he made some new, really tall friends.


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4 Responses to “That Josh Childress Video”

  1. Jack Wilson Says:

    Josh Childress is a digrace to all Americans. Just like any American that loves Europe more than America. If you love other places so much then get the hell out!!! We want true Americans living in America. Not guys that just want the glory and the money. The NBA should ban Josh Childress from ever coming back. Anybody, that supports Josh Childress is un-American. Any basketball player that follows Josh Childress to Europe is un-American. Anybody that was born in America and actually chooses to go play for another country (Chris Kaman) is un-American. You know why Americans have been losing in the olympics its because we have been kind enough to let Europeans and other foreigners into the NBA. And those spies learn from us take our American money and then go home and teach their own country how to beat us (Yao Ming). I would like to see a ban of foreign players in the NBA.

  2. Julien Says:

    Anyway, he already feels at home!

  3. free2bee Says:

    @ Jack…come on now, that is a bit much! This country was founded with the idea of the ‘pursuit of happiness’….in fact it is shoved down our throats. So what is the problem with one wanting to experience life outside of these walls. To ban someone for this pursuit would be shameful. It’s bad enough that we don’t appreciate other cultures, both here and abroad…and you want to make it worse. Really!? This was the BEST solution you could come up with….you’ve got to be a republican!

  4. notcontent Says:

    hahaha. this is fantastic stuff. these colors don’t run, j-chill!

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