These Clippers Couldn’t Throw It in the Ocean


I’m half-convinced Golden State matched the Clippers’ offer-sheet for Azubuike just to get a laugh out of watching L.A. scrape up a roster from the dregs this free-agent class. Today provided the punch line: “Clippers sign G Ricky Davis.”

To recap that’s Baron and Ricky Davis in L.A., playing for a coach who’s not exactly known to wear his collar loose. Should be fun.

They might also challenge for the record for worst team FG% in the modern era. Check out the shooting on this roster (last season’s %):

Camby — 46%
Baron — 42%
Eric Gordon — 43% (in college)
Kaman — 48%
Mobley — 43%
Quentin Ross — 39%
Tim Thomas — 41%
Al Thornton — 43%
Jason Hart (their backup PG?) — 32%
and now, Ricky Davis — 43%

And if I were to weight those shot attempts according the guys who will take most of them … it could get real ugly, real fast down there.


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