Houston, we have a problematic punny title…


In regards to this last trade and the whole summer in general, I couldn’t help but think that NBA teams are starting to operate exactly like a fantasy league. What was supposed to be a quiet summer of non-elite free agents resigning with the current teams has instead given way to seismic shifts through both conferences. I can almost imagine Daryl Morey sitting at his computer, fooling with a trade machine and texting the Maloofs with dumb ideas like “Artest 4 Deke + Lutherhead? Don’t Laugh!”

I guess this is what happens when the old guard of Phoenix and Dallas weakens. (I’m not including SA, here, for obvious reasons.) After surveying the wreckage of this surprising Artest fire-sale, I’m inclined to think this would not have flown in our fantasy league, though. The soon-to-be-retired Bobby Jackson, a 1st rounder, and the deluxe gunner of the Vegas Summer League Donte Green for Ron Artest? This is the sort of discount that true instability generates, I guess. Sure, his numbers have dropped and he is a ball-stopping liability, but he can make baskets if properly motivated.

Putting aside my initial dissapointment that Artest was not paired up with Kobe (a combustible pipe deam, I suppose), this story caught my eye, leaving open the window for some classic Artest conflict. Artest vs. Yao! Now that’s a brawl I would pay to see. Houston fans, yall ready for this?!


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3 Responses to “Houston, we have a problematic punny title…”

  1. Tan Says:

    I have been waiting for Artest since JVG got the Rockets to start chasing him a couple seasons ago. Its been since Mad Max that the Rockets have had a crazy gunning for them. Remember that he’s gone after people in the stands too.

    Now, I don’t have to read the Sac Bee for Artest quotes anymore, maybe Yao will toughen up and be a more vocal leader, and Dorsey “Ray Lewis with a basketball” has a new role model.

    The only one I feel bad for is Carl Landry. Morey played hardball with him on his offer, and now he’s expendable. Its too bad, he’s my current favorite Rocket too.

  2. Matt Wright Says:

    Landry to the Spurs or Warriors*!

    *Note, this is nearly technically impossible because the Warriors are too close to the luxury tax.

  3. Tan Says:

    He’s probably going to stay in Houston. The more I think about it, the more valuable I think he’ll be. The team needs 4 with range; if Ron Ron stays at the 3 most of the time, that leaves Landry and Scola. Dorsey may be as bad as Hayes when it comes to putting it through the hoop.

    Morey said he was also going to match any offer, and nothing would indicate that has changed. Then again, this Artest deal came out of the blue too…

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