Warriors Games 1 & 1.5


I’ve watched one and a half games of regular season basketball for the Warriors, and I gotta say I’m really encouraged. It looks like everyone predicting 35-37 wins for this time didn’t count on them making notable progress on their team defense. These Warriors, minus Baron and plus Turiaf and Maggette, are suddenly much bigger and hit the glass much harder. For stretches when they were able to create turnovers and a little bit of up-and-down chaos, which plays right into their offensive strengths, they looked like the better team against both the Hornets and Raps.

My prediction: With a little luck and a few losses by the Nuggets and Blazers, the Warriors will fighting for that 8th seed when Monta comes back — if they keep playing D like this.

3 Responses to “Warriors Games 1 & 1.5”

  1. sophialane Says:

    I am also looking forward to this Warriors team! Hoping to see them in the finals this season!

  2. reid Says:

    i will gladly take the under on 40 wins if you want to put some money or a good meal on it…

  3. Keenan Weightman Says:

    Stumbled across this on Bing, I’ve seen a lot of L33T content on here, Thnx

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