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November 7, 2008

I don’t think I have the words to describe my feelings from the Spurs game tonight. I’m too worked up. Or I was until I read this post on 48 minutes of hell. Smart and optimistic thinking. It was, at least, what I needed to hear. All I can say is, I like George Hill but was hoping to bring him along a little slower than this. And it heartens to hear that Ian Mahini will be healthy soon, but will Pop open his heart to another Frenchman. Is he even French? Who is this Farmer fellow? So many questions. I am tired.

Glad I woke up for this one

November 6, 2008

Hello America!!!

The latter half of TNT’s NBA doubleheader was much more enjoyable than that crap the Eastern Conference lugs out every night. Barkley called it an ugly game to watch and even dogged it at the end saying both teams just didn’t play good defense. There’s some truth to that considering I was falling asleep here and then but the ending was awesome regardless. Also, making shots is much more memorable than weak-side defensive rotations any day.


November 6, 2008

Taking my first look at the supposed contender 76ers tonight, I realized that getting Elton Brand never made any damn sense at all for this team. A traditional post-playing big man is great and all if you have a roster like the Spurs, but if your team is composed almost entirely of slashers, what the hell are you to do? I have special interest in this issue as my once valuable Iguodala fantasy property is now diminishing every day. He can’t shoot and he can’t work around Brand. How all the bball minds missed this possibility in the preseason as they picked them to take the leap is beyond me.