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Back from Intermission

February 20, 2008

We’re back to give this blog another shot, because a year after our first try, we’re even more pumped about the state of the NBA. This has easily been the best regular season for fans from my generation, who came of age during the height of Pat Riley’s effort to ruin the game.

The reasons for the resurgence are numerous and have been detailed across the internet, probably best by Bill Simmons. And while Simmons is so widely read that we don’t plan on quoting him too often, columns like his All-Star weekend appreciation constitute his best work, when his fanaticism is on full display. That’s a little of what we hope to emulate: to talk about this game that we enjoy so much in a non-bullshit way, to spread our focus wide as opposed to repeatedly beating on one theme, and to hopefully fill what we see as a general-interest void in the NBA blogosphere.

Some quick points of introduction:

  • While Reid and I have our allegiances to the Mavs and Spurs, respectively, we’re not interested in micro-blogging everything our teams do. The new generation of beat writers, including Britt Robson in Minny and Sekou Smith in the ATL, do that well enough, and with greater access than we could dream of.
  • One of our goals is to write to our access. If we can’t take something away from the game on the court or new reports, we won’t speculate or make up stories that just sound right.
  • We see no reason to separate game commentary and fantasy commentary, although everyone else does for some reason.
  • I’ve read quite a bit about the “new stats” in basketball, and the way they’re being applied by a lot of statheads doesn’t make much sense. So I’ll give that a crack, drawing heavily from Dean Oliver’s Basketball on Paper. Of the books I’ve read, it made the most convincing argument on how to analyze team performance, which is mainly what interests me.
  • Finally, we don’t really get the fascination with Deadspin and its ilk, so we’ll leave that “coverage” to the Inside Edition of sports.

That’s it. For a better sense of who we are and what we’re all about, these are our people:

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