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What’s up with Parker?

December 27, 2008

So on Christmas day, I sat on my ass and watched the NBA for about 10 hours. Hands down, the best game was the Suns/Spurs game. Today I watched some videos of Mason hitting the game winner and I noticed something…

Check out Tony at the 0:12 mark….he’s not even excited. He just walks off to the lockerroom…Man, even Duncan plugged back in his emotion chip and did a fist pump.


November 7, 2008

I don’t think I have the words to describe my feelings from the Spurs game tonight. I’m too worked up. Or I was until I read this post on 48 minutes of hell. Smart and optimistic thinking. It was, at least, what I needed to hear. All I can say is, I like George Hill but was hoping to bring him along a little slower than this. And it heartens to hear that Ian Mahini will be healthy soon, but will Pop open his heart to another Frenchman. Is he even French? Who is this Farmer fellow? So many questions. I am tired.

Enter the Hengst: Malik, D-Lee, and The Rise of Small Bigs

July 9, 2008

When it came to writing my first official post for Blogjammin, I found myself choosing a topic that is very dear to my heart: Undersized Power Forwards [The Garbagemen! — ed.].

As far as I’m concerned, hustle is more than a skill, its a habit. Hustle is a way of life. David Banner knows this. So does Rick Ross. But I’ll tell you who really knows this better than anyone in the NBA: Malik Rose. He has the distinction of being one of my favorite players of all time, and his hustle earned him a very un-Spurs like salary of 7 years and $42 million.

Any Spurs fan can tell you, we all thought he deserved it. We were insane for the guy. There were bobble heads and shirts, not to mention the number of Malik jerseys at most games rivaled the starters. When he was traded for Nazr Mohammed (a savvy move, I had to admit), local TV news ran weepy specials. It was like we traded an all-star.

But this is what happens in the NBA. We want the lunchpail guys, the guys we can relate to. During the NBA lockout, Malik was supposedly sleeping on the floor of his mother’s house in a Rugrats sleeping bag. Haven’t we all done that during our own respective professional lockouts?

Today, as Malik rides the pine for the Knicks and imparts Hustle Truisms, one who has probably caught his ear is David Lee. Lee’s value to that often miserable franchise can’t be overstated. Seemingly no one else cares like he does. And for this sole reason, Knick fans are blinded to his real value.

Scan the comments on any Knicks draft story, and you’ll find that New York fans refuse to trade him for anything. Danilo Gallinari was probably booed in relation to his potential to supplant Lee. I can probably admit that Lee is not worth max money or even may not be more than a great sixth man, but as a proud fantasy owner, I say: screw Gallinari.

As long as there are spiritless rosters filled with Starbury’s and Darius Miles-type guys, the fans will always be hungry for their polar opposites. If you check out the top 50 rebounders of last year, you will see plenty of big names like Stoudemire, Howard, KG, and Duncan. But you will also see David Lee, and guys like Nick Collison, Paul Milsap and Chuck Hayes. You can ask Matty what their +/- means to a successful team.

What I have to say is that, fantasy stats or real ones, I celebrate the Hustle Guy, the Energy Guy. They help win championships. Just ask Reid if he remembers Malik’s signature 25 point effort in Game 2 of the ’03 Spurs-Mavs series. Actually, I’m pretty sure that was taped over with the searing memory of Steve Kerr draining three after three. But Kerr never would’ve been in that position without Malik.

Why? WHY???

July 9, 2008

So Baron and Brand both get their contracts and get to go home, and now the Warriors are going to overpay for Maggette, who’s a questionable fit in their system at best, which leaves the Spurs settling for Roger Mason Jr., which in turn means that Brent Barry’s likely gone. On top of it all, no one here in the Bay Area can figure out why you would pay Maggette $10 million per and also throw $4 mil/year at Rony fucking Turiaf, without first offering Josh Smith like $16 mil and seeing if Atlanta has the stones to match. I mean, he’s only a 22-year-old power forward who can defend a little and was built for Nellieball. Better not make a run at him. So not only did I just watch my favorite team miss out on the dynamic fourth scorer they’ve wanted for damn near half a decade, but his snub was the direct result of the team I just bought season tickets for screwing up their roster with a desperation move.

Unless, gracious God willing, there are more trades coming. Please, just bring us Josh Smith. That’s all I ask. Or hell, even Hinrich. I mean the only point guards on the roster are Monta Ellis and CJ Watson. But, hey, Anthony Randolph looks great in practice. Awesome. Actually this is pretty awesome: “Q: Have you spoken to Baron since he left? NELSON: Oh yeah. We spoke several times on the phone. He came over to the office to say good-bye. We had a cigar together, sat in my truck for about two hours and talked.”

Anyways, as you can see, I can’t make shit for sense of all this, but my gut feeling right now is leaning towards unmitigated disaster.

What Is Going On?

July 2, 2008

Oh, the thrills of being a Warriors bandwagoner. As a convert, this is a whole new lesson in what it’s like rooting for a franchise that isn’t as plain-vanilla competent as the Spurs.

Thursday: Warriors draft Anthony Randolph.

Emotions: Mild outrage, significant frustration, mainly confusion, but also that first little twinge of worry.

Monday: Baron opts out.

Emotions: Uh oh. He’s just calling Mullin’s bluff … right?

Tuesday: Warriors throw max money at Arenas.

Emotions: Whoa, what the — huh? That’ll never work, what are they doing? (Frantic IM discussions ensue.)

Later Tuesday: Baron agrees to sign with clips.

Emotions: It’s like when you’ve been dating a girl for a while and think things are going well, but then one week you notice she’s acting a little weird, and before you even think to ask if something’s wrong, you suddenly find yourself getting dumped.

Wednesday: Warriors make huge offer to Brand.

Emotions: Still recovering from the desolation of losing Baron for nothing, and without time yet to talk yourself into the remaining attractive options (hello, Josh Smith) or come to grips with a team suddenly out of playoff contention, this awesome F.U. to the Clips is too much to process. Somehow you know it’ll never work, but at least you can hope. And, hell, maybe something good — a sign and trade that nets Thornton? — comes out of this whole mess.

In the end, though, the Warriors’ loss is shaping up to be the Spurs gain, since suddenly Maggette is finding himself stuck taking a mid-level exception, with the San Antonio the front-runner. Corey “22 Points Per Game” Maggette for the same price as the Kings paid for Beno and the Mavs paid for Diop? I guess it’s even-stevens for me.

Welcome to the Jungle: George Hill Highlights

June 30, 2008

Who is George Hill?

June 28, 2008

A “prototypical Spur,” according to the Express-News, George Hill was apparently the Spurs first choice at 26 all along. (Suck it, Chad Ford!)

I at least recognized Hill’s name because I kept seeing it on Among players who used 28% or more of his team’s possessions, Hill had the highest offensive rating in the country. Will it translate to the NBA? Tough to say, since Hill only played against two prominent NCAA teams: Marquette and NIT runner-up UMass (he hung 30 on them in a IUPUI win).

But, as a 6-2 guard, his numbers were spectacular: 54.5% FG, 45% 3PT, 81.2% FT, 6.8 boards, 4.3 assists, and 21+ points a game. That alone sure makes him sound like a potentially solid back-up.

There’s more evidence of why he fits the Spurs mold in the E-N article, as well as the fact that he passed on scholarships to Florida, Indiana, and other marquee programs to stay close to family. Hell, I’ll just quote pretty much the whole thing, below the fold: (more…)

Spurs Feva?

June 26, 2008

From Chad Ford, this is just bizarre:

The Spurs sent an e-mail to every team in the league at 3:30 p.m. saying that they were willing to move the 26th pick. The e-mail asked league executives to “E-mail us your interest and your offers to 26.”

That’s the first time I’ve heard of something like this in all of my years covering the draft. Make your Spurs pitch below in our comments section.

You know what this means, right? We’re not far off from…


June 25, 2008


Sadly for Spurs fans, Tiago Splitter is one example of the dollar’s weakness keeping a prized player on the other side of the Atlantic. His projected NBA numbers are outstanding — 18.5 points and 10.3 boards, 54.4 percent shooting, 18.11 PER — and it’s unfortunate that such a wise draft choice has to be wasted because of a silly thing like currency fluctuations.

That 18.11 PER projection would put him higher than any prospect in this draft except for Beasley. Uuuugh.

UPDATE: Just noticed this other quote from that Hollinger article:

If I had to slot him into my board, I’d rate [Gallinari] sixth — combining my numbers with some subjective opinion, I have Michael Beasley and Kevin Love as the two best players, followed by Derrick Rose, Joe Alexander and Darrell Arthur. Gallinari, Jerryd Bayless, Marreese Speights, Brook Lopez and D.J. Augustin round out my top 10, with Mario Chalmers and Roy Hibbert the next two names on the board. Since there’s only about 12 guys in any draft who can play, those are the 12 I’m putting my money on.

No OJ Mayo? Not even as a solid role player? Yowzer, that’s some faith in your numbers.

Finally Some Mock Sanity

June 25, 2008

Chad Ford has just updated his mock draft to version 6.1, and it includes, for the first time, a pick I think the Spurs might actually make: Cal’s Ryan Anderson. A 6-10, sweet-shooting PF, Anderson fits nicely into the Spurs’ system. He’ll replace the ghost of Robert Horry, who I hear will be kept around as a special adviser on nut punches and dirty screens away from the play.

Many of the earliest editions of Ford’s mock draft, always taken with a grain of salt, had the Spurs taking a backup PG, which didn’t make any sense. Admittedly, for Spurs fans the only pick that makes sense is CDR. The Spurs need an athletic wingman like Reid needs to do some 10-lb. curls. Or maybe we’re blinded to CDR’s limitations because we’ve been pining for 10+ years for any rotation player, besides Manu, who can dunk with one hand.

Anyways, Jacque Vaughn is fine, and the Spurs have too many other glaring holes — now that the vets are shot and the Scola-Splitter picks backfired — that we can’t keep drafting for 3-4 years down the road.

In light of that, you can see how an Anderson pick differs from previous mock draft. To recap the progression of Spurs predictions:

Mock 1.0: Nicholas Batum, SF/PF, France, age 18 — I’m intrigued, but he won’t be ready for years.

Mock 2.0: Ante Tomic, C, Croatia — Another big project.

Mock 3.0: Mario Chalmers, PG, Kansas — See above.

Mock 4.0: Ty Lawson, PG, UNC — No way.

Mock 5.0: Chalmers

Mock 6.0: Tomic

Mock 6.1: Anderson

For Spurs fans, who pretend we’re OK with the defense winning championships, the best thing about Anderson is that he can flat-out score. He was only a few free throws from being a 50-40-90 guy last year, and his offensive rating in college last season was among the highest in the country, a shade above even Beasley (whose usage rate was higher) and a shade below Love (whose usage rate was lower). He won’t be an NBA star, but if he’s the Spurs pick, it’s going to be great having that firepower in reserve.