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Pinche Spurs

May 9, 2008

stay classy, san antonio

Game 3 was an instant classic, a back-and-forth duel of offensive greatness — with Parker and Paul both going nuts — played at a run-and-gun pace with both teams making difficult shot after difficult shot.

Uh, does that really sound like a formula for Spurs’ success? I’m still worried that this Hornets team is flat-out better than this Spurs team (until at least next year, when we retool with youth). We’re like Boston: if our defense isn’t winning the game for us, we’re in serious trouble.

Anyways, to take the edge off, here’s Charles Barkley calling himself a dumbass.


For the Record

May 2, 2008

I feel like I’m the only one among my Spurs-fans friends worried about this series with New Orleans. S.A. hangs their hat on defense but they struggle to match up with Chris Paul and David West. That’s why you have Bowen pulling that B.S. where he kneed Paul for no reason — a classic Bowen move when he’s a step slow. And David West’s numbers in four regular season games aren’t a fluke: 23 ppg on 58% shooting. Like another quick, face-up PF, Brandon Bass, West gives Duncan fits.

All that said, Pop will have something up his sleeve, and the Hornets somehow have to account for Ginobili. Should be good, but I think it’ll go longer than a lot of my friends expect.

POSTSCRIPT: For what it’s worth, I also think Utah beats the Lakers just because they’ll make Gasol post up one on one, where he’s terrible. No one seems to notice it, but whenever he has to work in the post on his own, he scores on like one out of every four possessions. No way Utah ever allows him to get uncontested dunks like Denver did.

Speaking of the Suns…

May 1, 2008

Simmons’ year-by-year account chronicling the decline of The Suns into plodding first-round losers is exactly the kind of column I would love to write if it were my job to write a few thousand words on sports every three or four days. Great stuff.

One thing to add: It would take a separate column to address, but the personalities of Suns’ players and officials played a huge role in how this decline.

Simmons equates the Spurs’ success in part to roster consistency. Since 2003, they’ve built around Duncan, Ginobili, Parker, which the Suns could have done with Nash, Stoudemire, Marion, and Joe Johnson. Too bad only Nash has the same win-first mentality that defines the Spurs. Tony could’ve bolted like Johnson after the Spurs pursued Kidd, Manu could’ve taken more money, and Tim could’ve demanded to score 25 a game, but those weren’t their priorities. That mindset never united the Suns, making the long-haul approach in PHX much, much more difficult than it looks on paper.

Even this week, after four years and no Finals appearances, here’s Amare throwing D’Antoni under the bus after Game 5:

Amare Stoudemire offered no words of support for D’Antoni — “That’s not my focus at all,” Stoudemire said — and was much more willing to expound on the need for the Suns to find a plan and stick with it, most importantly establishing who is going to be The Man on this team. Not surprisingly, he nominated himself.

Not the stuff of champions. And we won’t even get into the Sarver-Colangelo and D’Antoni-Kerr feuds…

It Sucks to Be a Suns Fan

April 29, 2008

Compare and contrast to last season’s Amare/Diaw suspensions:

The Boston Celtics and Atlanta Hawks escaped discipline for a Game 4 skirmish in which Kevin Garnett pushed off a referee while players on both benches stepped onto the court.

NBA spokesman Tim Frank said Tuesday there would be no fines or suspensions. Four technical fouls resulted in a game Atlanta won 97-92 to tie the best-of-seven series at two games apiece.

The confrontation started when Garnett cleared out Zaza Pachulia with an elbow, and the Hawks forward went forehead-to-forehead with the Celtics star. A referee grabbed Garnett, but he, too, got a push as Garnett struggled to break free.

Celtics center Kendrick Perkins and Atlanta forward Marvin Williams acknowledged they stepped onto the court as they strained to see what was going on. Such actions are barred in the NBA, especially with commissioner David Stern looking on.

Reid: WTF? How does the NBA justify this shit? Do they just not care at all about consistency? This pisses me off and I don’t even care about the Suns.

Wright: No, I really don’t think they do. All Stern cares about is the league’s image at this very moment, and right now the image is trending positive, despite the physical play. A year ago, the brass was terrified of another brawl, and that’s what drove their decisions.

Adding injury to insult:

Shaq also will be 37 next season. What’s the chance over the next two seasons he slows down even more, along with Nash, and what’s the chance the Suns crash?

Here’s where Sarver (the Suns owner) begins to look more like Bill Bidwill (the Arizona Cardinals owner) than Cuban to those in Arizona: One of the draft picks he gave to Seattle (Kurt Thomas trade), Phoenix’s own in 2010, is unprotected.

In that colmn, Buck Harvey also points out that the Spurs are currently committed to only $53 million in contracts next year. The Suns will pay six players $68 million. Ouch.

It’s Called Confirmation Bias, You Moron

April 21, 2008

One dunce passes along the wisdom of another:

TrueHoop reader Isaac: “Watching the games between these two teams is becoming increasingly frustrating. To be fair, I hate the Spurs, and I feel like something is wrong with the world if they win yet another series against the Suns. I don’t like the Suns for any reason other than they are enjoyable to watch and I feel that on some level they “deserve” to win. On to my frustration: the Spurs are huge babies. This applies to Popovich, Duncan, and seemingly every other player on the court. Duncan has his Duncan Face everytime he doesn’t get a call. Ginobli lays out every single play that he is even slightly touched as if he in a soccer match. Oberto definitely does a lot acting to get Shaq in foul trouble each time these teams play. The trend I’ve seen is really disturbing though. The players and Popovich complain to the refs in the opening quarter and it seems to make the refs subconsciously favor the Spurs on the calls from then on out. Don’t the league execs heavily monitor these games to ensure that the refs are calling the games right? At this point doesn’t someone have to crack down on all the bs that the Spurs players employ in order to get cheap fouls called in their favor. These games are all unequivocally amazing to watch and they get ruined because of ridiculous foul calls.”

Look, I love watching Nash and Barbosa play, but Phoenix fans are turning into the whiniest bunch of chumps in the league. OK, you got screwed on the suspensions last year. Now it’s time for you to stop blaming the refs for the fact that your team doesn’t ever fucking execute down the stretch. Your team, full-strength, got their asses handed to them in Game 6 last year, and they screwed up at least 5 or 6 chances to ice Game 1 this year. Stop pretending the Spurs’ complaints and flops are any different than EVERY OTHER TEAM IN THE LEAGUE or that the Suns deserve special treatment because they’re fun to watch.

This Seems Familiar

April 20, 2008

One day in and the playoffs are already as good as advertised. Something surprising is how quickly the matchups have settled into familiar patterns. That probably should’ve been expected with so many rematches from last season. But with all the trades and movement this year, I guess we all expected more upheaval.


  • The Wiz talk big, then get overpowered by Lebron.
  • Really obvious questions: Why in God’s name would you provoke Lebron? He’s a human bulldozer and you decide to get physical with him?
  • The Suns look positively snake-bit against the Spurs, losing a game they were in position to win.
  • Q: Why not let Steve Nash win the game for you? He hit a huge clutch fade-away three in the second OT, but why didn’t D’Antoni run plays for him at the end of regulation or the first OT? As a Spurs fan, fine by me. Also: When is Amare going to learn to take what the defense gives him? He could’ve sealed the win in the first OT by knocking down a wide open 10-footer, but instead he went flying at the hoop, picked up an offensive foul, and fouled out. Whaaa?
  • Shaq plays terribly on offense, then tries to blame “the floppers.”
  • Q: For a guy who’s relied on the kindness of referees all career, he sure complains a lot, huh?
  • The Mavs face a quicker, less experienced team in the first round, then look completely  shell-shocked when the other team gets rolling. Dirk plays like a beast but gets zero help.
  • Q: How many more times will Howard, Terry, and Stackhouse disappear in the post-season? They combined to shoot 9-32. That’s Kenyon-Martin-in-a-big-game-esque.
  • Houston’s not getting out of the first round.
  • Q: This isn’t totally his fault, but when is McGrady going to learn that 20 points on 21 shots isn’t going to cut it.?
  • Denver is also on their way to flaming out again, because they apparently refuse to stop Gasol from dunking. Seriously, he sucks in the post! Just guard him!
  • Q: How many games before they start taking cheap shots and smirking like punks while getting their asses handed to them?

The one thing I didn’t expect: the Sixers are a lot better than I thought. They won’t beat Detroit, but they might give them trouble.

Long Scoops MSM

April 8, 2008

Back to back posts generated by our resident Rock Chalk Video ‘Hawk. Long went back into the Gmail chat history to prove he was on the “Bill Self to the Spurs When Pop Retires” case way before Buck Harvey’s column in the Express-News said the same thing.

From November 25, 2007:

Long, looking at the stats for RC’s son: He average 9.2 pts and 2.7 assists and missed his senior season and was an invited walk-on (at Kansas). Good thing RC and Bill Self are buddies.

Long: I bet you if RC is still the GM when Pop retires and Self hasn’t been fired, Self will be a candidate for Spurs head coach.

me: … think so? Man, I have no idea what to expect when Pop retires. Luckily it’s four or five years away.

Long: Both were Larry brown assistants at KU.

me: Ah, you’re probably right then.

Long: Self SHOULD have at least one or two Final Fours at that point. (Prescient! — ed.)

Me: With this talent…

Then for good measure we bagged on Reid while Long watched Arizona play.

Long: Man, Zona looks bad.

Long: Reid = that Budinger guy

Me: Ha Ha. Reid 2.0

Long: 3.11

Me: That guy can jump way higher than Reid.

Then I wrapped up that session of expert commentary by calling the Celtics “overrated.” Whoops.

An Open Letter to Bruce Bowen

March 16, 2008

To: BruBo

From: A life-long Spurs fan

Re: That Chris Paul cheap shot

You know what? I’ve had it with this trash. My brother and I go to Vegas for a few days, miss the game, and come back to find that not only did you get embarrassed by 25 (and cost Grady 20 bucks), but you pulled out more lame-ass, indefensible bullshit. We Spurs fans defended you for years and loved it when you set off whiny stars like Vince Carter. But we don’t even want to try justify this crap, which keeps happening more frequently. Just stop. We’d rather lose than watch this desperate attempt to make up for those steps you’ve lost.

You deserved to get suspended. It should’ve been longer. Hell, at this point, I wish we hadn’t signed you to that extension. Now I just hope we draft Brandon Rush so he can take all your minutes next year.


“It’s kinda lonely at the top”

March 7, 2008

I can’t believe we almost let Brent Barry get away. Or enacted an elaborate conspiracy to fake-trade him. Whatever, the locker room would be decimated without our resident folk-poet:

This other one’s not as good, except for the very last line, when Barry says, quite earnestly, “Mangoes don’t do that, Manu.”

Where Online Arguments Happen

March 5, 2008

Reid and I are always carping at each other online, so I thought it would see if it translates to the blog. Consider this an experiment, with most of it below the fold. I have no idea how it will hold up for entertainment value, but neither of us has had time to write anything thought-out recently. Plus, this has lots of bleeped out profanity.

Wright: Damn. Dirk caught a suspension for the AK take-down.
Reid: What??? Jesus Christ.
Wright: One game.
Reid: Man, f*ck the NBA.
Wright: Eeee, against the Rockets, too.
Reid: F*ck David Stern. And f*ck Stu Jackson.
Wright: Ha ha ha. Let ‘er rip.