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Olympic Thoughts

August 11, 2008

I wanted to open up a thread to solicit thoughts and impressions of Olympic ball so far. As far as the US is concerned, I missed the China game this weekend, but based on the exhibitions I saw, I can only echo what everyone else is saying: Chris Paul should really start over Kidd.

I did, however, happen to be passing out Saturday night when the Greece-Spain game was playing live, and that was as hard-nosed an international game as I have ever seen. I knew Greece was a tough team, but I hadn’t realized how much the Spainards had improved. I guess I should have noticed when the won the ’06 World Championships, but this ’08 team, with vets like Gasol and Calderon and young guns like Rudy Fernandez,  are very deep and athletic. I was most impressed with Fernandez. He was flying all over the place. His defense may be a liability in the NBA, but I think the Blazers are getting a great player.

Anyway, I welcome all comments and additions concerning the Olympics, particularly how you feel the US is doing.