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These Clippers Couldn’t Throw It in the Ocean

July 28, 2008

I’m half-convinced Golden State matched the Clippers’ offer-sheet for Azubuike just to get a laugh out of watching L.A. scrape up a roster from the dregs this free-agent class. Today provided the punch line: “Clippers sign G Ricky Davis.”

To recap that’s Baron and Ricky Davis in L.A., playing for a coach who’s not exactly known to wear his collar loose. Should be fun.

They might also challenge for the record for worst team FG% in the modern era. Check out the shooting on this roster (last season’s %):

Camby — 46%
Baron — 42%
Eric Gordon — 43% (in college)
Kaman — 48%
Mobley — 43%
Quentin Ross — 39%
Tim Thomas — 41%
Al Thornton — 43%
Jason Hart (their backup PG?) — 32%
and now, Ricky Davis — 43%

And if I were to weight those shot attempts according the guys who will take most of them … it could get real ugly, real fast down there.

What Is Going On?

July 2, 2008

Oh, the thrills of being a Warriors bandwagoner. As a convert, this is a whole new lesson in what it’s like rooting for a franchise that isn’t as plain-vanilla competent as the Spurs.

Thursday: Warriors draft Anthony Randolph.

Emotions: Mild outrage, significant frustration, mainly confusion, but also that first little twinge of worry.

Monday: Baron opts out.

Emotions: Uh oh. He’s just calling Mullin’s bluff … right?

Tuesday: Warriors throw max money at Arenas.

Emotions: Whoa, what the — huh? That’ll never work, what are they doing? (Frantic IM discussions ensue.)

Later Tuesday: Baron agrees to sign with clips.

Emotions: It’s like when you’ve been dating a girl for a while and think things are going well, but then one week you notice she’s acting a little weird, and before you even think to ask if something’s wrong, you suddenly find yourself getting dumped.

Wednesday: Warriors make huge offer to Brand.

Emotions: Still recovering from the desolation of losing Baron for nothing, and without time yet to talk yourself into the remaining attractive options (hello, Josh Smith) or come to grips with a team suddenly out of playoff contention, this awesome F.U. to the Clips is too much to process. Somehow you know it’ll never work, but at least you can hope. And, hell, maybe something good — a sign and trade that nets Thornton? — comes out of this whole mess.

In the end, though, the Warriors’ loss is shaping up to be the Spurs gain, since suddenly Maggette is finding himself stuck taking a mid-level exception, with the San Antonio the front-runner. Corey “22 Points Per Game” Maggette for the same price as the Kings paid for Beno and the Mavs paid for Diop? I guess it’s even-stevens for me.